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Welcome to
Young Australia Workshop.

Backed by our thirty-eight years in the arts-in education industry we are very excited to announce that as of 2020 we will be operating as a specialised niche agency bringing Indigenous culture to schools – Sharing Indigenous Perspectives (SIP).

The goal of this new initiative is to allow for a greater variety of programmes that share the culture and history of Indigenous Australians; from learning Advance Australia Fair in a local language to regular dance or arts or crafts workshops.

Alongside presenters such as Boori Monty Pryor, Gwenda Stanley and Matthew Doyle who have been part of Young Australia for many years, we are excited to introduce many new presenters including Brock Tutt, Bianca Williams and Eleanor Clapham.

Each of these presenters have a passionate connection to their culture and an eagerness to share it with students of all ages. Providing unique perspectives on culture, the land, ancient traditions and contemporary Indigenous experience these programmes provide an excellent opportunity to complement your cross curricular priorities and to demonstrate to students the dynamic culture of Australia’s First Nations people.